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What’s Menopause?

You’re normally through the perimenopause to the menopause stage at around the age of 51 where your ovaries will have stopped producing eggs and you’ll produce less estrogen. This means that your periods will have stopped for at least 12 months (18 months is a better guide) and the risk of getting periods and pregnant has passed.


Will I still have Symptoms?

The symptoms that you suffered during perimenopause will be lessening as your hormones are settling down. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have no symptoms at all because we’re all different.

Generally the more common symptoms will be…

  • Hot Flushes – but these should start to subside
  • Cold Flushes – these should start to subside too
  • Night Sweats – these tend to last a bit longer for most women
  • Vaginal Changes – the use of lubricants becomes a form of fore-play
  • Emotional changes – natural remedies can generally help with this
  • Insomnia – changes to lifestyle habits can really help with this

I’m in my 17th year of the menopause journey and have mastered all my symptoms naturally and keep taking the supplements on top of the other things I do, and this has worked brilliantly.

The only one that rears its ugly head is night sweats, but because the known top 4 triggers for these are alcohol, spicy foods, hot drinks and caffeine and unfortunately, I like all four!

It’s all down to personal choice and what you’re prepared to do and quite often, for a lot of women, they totally go off all the above, but it just didn’t happen to me (rolling eyes) – see – we’re all different!


What Happens to Me Now?

Use this website, the group and even the Club to take the fear out of this stage of your life because we’re all going through it together and coming out the other side (which I’ll tell you now can be absolutely BRILLIANT and one of the best times of your life).

We’re all growing older, all of us, but it’s how you deal with it, be able to be part of a support network and what you’re prepared to do to and for yourself that will make all the difference in the world x