Menopause Symptoms - The Secret Solutions

An A-Z Guide of Natural Remedies

"Brilliant no nonsense practical guide as to what works to overcome the nasty symptoms of the menopause using every day supplements such as vitamin D and magnesium. It has really helped me, cannot recommend enough"

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Benefit 1

A big part of mastering the menopause is knowing symptoms be-fore they become a problem

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Benefit 2

The sooner you tackle a symptom, the quicker you get your life back to feeling normal

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Benefit 3

We're all different and that's why (for a lot of the symptoms), there's multiple things you can try to see which one works for you

So, NO, you're not going mad! Just know that there's so much help out there and you don't need to go through this alone

"Great little book full of really useful advice. I’ve found myself dipping in and out many times. A really useful tool to keep by your bedside"

Mrs M Brobbin

“Cracking book, full of great information and suggestions”

Mandy G