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Mastering The Menopause Workshop

What You Wish The Doctors
Could Tell You…

Can you honestly master the menopause?

Good question and one that I knew was a big fat NO when I had my full hysterectomy at 43, with a young family, a disabled husband, a dog and a property we were renovating whilst we lived in it – oh and a garden where the grass refused to stop growing!!

HOW MUCH TIME is spent on everything else in your life, but what about YOU?

What’s going to happen? What might the symptoms be? How long would this go on for?

What are your flipping options???

I was given no help other than the offer of HRT for a limited period of time, that was it! So if and when I had to come off HRT – what then? What were my options?

They couldn’t come up with any!

This all left me feeling very vulnerable and very lonely. Symptoms started to appear, my hair started to disappear! GOD would I always feel like this? Old, frumpy, blobby, wrinkly and just disappearing into society.  It’s just NOT FAIR and it’s just NOT RIGHT

Women deserve better than this and that’s where I come in!

I found sooooo much out during my menopausal/postmenopausal journey that worked and vowed to help other women with theirs to try and make it so much easier for them, because symptoms can take over your body, your head, your heart, your life…

So is there anything you can do? YES

Are there any other options to try? YES

Can you start taking back some control? YES

WOW – can you even start to make changes in yourself? YES

So… can you master the menopause?

I’ve been where you are now, mastered mine, helped countless other women with theirs  and can certainly show you a few things that help.

So, if you want to be in as one of the 20 early bird places for my new 5-week (relaxed) Mastering the Menopause Workshop, then click the Paypal link to secure your place, or contact me for more information.

Let’s start getting your life and you back x