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Will The Menopause Make Me Feel Different?

You can expect to start feeling a bit different. Especially with a natural menopause (as and when Mother Nature decides), in that, some things might start to irritate you which never did before. You might start tearing up at things more often. You might feel aches and pains you didn’t used to etc., etc.

This is when looking at the Article “How Many Symptoms Are There?” should be a help and a bit of comfort for you.

Please don’t compare yourself to others. Our menopausal journey, although similar, are all different and individual to us. We just have to find what helps and works for you.

So familiarise yourself with the Top Symptoms, or if you’re a member of the Membership Club, look at the A-Z of Menopause Symptoms – The Secret Solutions and see if other ladies have suffered with what you’re feeling and what helped them.

If you’re at all worried, please go to your Doctor and get a check-up to make sure it’s nothing other than the start of your menopausal journey. The one that we’ll be here to help you through.