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How Many Symptoms Are There?

Well quite a few actually (and some of them might surprise you), but they’re all individual to the woman suffering them, so please don’t expect to get them all, as you might only get a couple or so.

But to know what some of them are, will certainly help you get to grips with the fact that it’s part of  the Menopausal journey, rather than feeling you’re going mad!  And the sooner you tackle each symptom, the easier this time (and your life) will be.

Here goes…

The Top 34 Symptoms of Menopause

Irregular Periods                     Hot Flushes                                   Night Sweats
Memory Lapse                          Tiredness                                         Loss of Libido
Vaginal Dryness                      Bloating                                           Electric Shock
Mood Swings                             Sleep Problems                             Palpitations
Urine Infection                        Weight Gain                                    Incontinence
Dizziness                                     Digestive Problems                    Headaches
Allergies                                      Change in Body Odour             Osteoporosis
Itching Skin                              Brittle Nails                                    Tingling
Tension in your Muscles    Irregular Heartbeat                   Insomnia
Depression                                Difficulty Concentrating           Anxiety
Breast Pain                               Hair Thinning or Loss                 Joint Pain
Burning Tongue / Lips / Mouth

Now we’ve got that out of the way, and you’ve been to the Doctor and they can’t find anything wrong with you…

If you’re not sure that what you’re suffering with at the moment might be menopause-related (because it’s not on the list and the Doctor’s given you the “all clear”), then the constantly updated A-Z of Menopause Symptoms – The Secret Solutions in the Membership Club lists other ‘symptoms’ that women around the world have suffered with and the solutions that worked for them.