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How Bad Will My Menopause Be?

We’re all genetically different, so as individual as fingerprints and there are no rules out there. We just have to tackle your menopausal journey, however that might be!

Doctors have found that some women are naturally oestrogen dominant during their menstruating years and it’s these women who tend to suffer worse than others.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle and you’ve tried the natural supplement route and this still isn’t helping. Then your Doctor might recommend that you go on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) to see if that helps.

If you’re given HRT and it’s not working for you, then go back to your Doctor and ask if there’s another one/type you can try. We can’t always expect them to get it right first time as they just have to find the one that works for YOU. So with over 50 different types of HRT out there, (they come I Patches/Gel/Tablet forms), don’t feel that you’ll never find what will work for you if HRT is your only option.

I’ve found, for a lot of women that want to try the natural route first, that if they tackle each ‘symptom’, as quickly as possible, as it comes along, a lot of that symptom either diminishes or goes completely! So it’s well worth trying the natural route first (after you’ve been to your Doctor and they can’t find anything ‘wrong’ with you) and see if this helps you.

You must always check with your Doctor first though if you’re on any medication, just in case the supplement you’re considering, interferes with what you’ve been prescribed.

So the message here is…  Don’t leave it long before you go to your Doctor. If they can’t find anything wrong with you, you don’t ‘feel’ ill and you’ve looked at the “How Many Symptoms are there?” Article and feel it might be menopause-related then tackle each ‘symptom’ as it comes along, as quickly as you can and see if that helps.  If you want to know what’s worked for other women (around the world), then The A-Z of Menopause Symptoms – the Secret Solutions is freely available (and regularly updated) within the Membership Club.