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Does Food Affect Menopause?

If you mean, do certain foods start your Menopause then, as far as I know, they don’t.

But it got me thinking about it when ladies in my Group were saying that they seem to be having a harder time with their menopause, compared to their Grandmother and Mother’s menopause. I also found out that in Japan, there isn’t a word for ‘Menopause’ because they don’t suffer with it!

This is just me thinking about it and wondering if it’s because our eating habits have changed from previous generations?  We eat a lot more beige and processed food now than they did. They tended to cook fresh and only eat the foods that were available for that season (no Strawberries at Christmas etc).

In Japan they eat a lot more fresh fish, soya, not much red meat or processed foods – so maybe there is a link?

I also know that refined sugar is bad for you and that processed foods also have more in them too, so maybe that’s why a lot of women start to get this ‘belly fat’ as they get older? It’s worth trying to slowly cut out processed sugars and if you need something sweet in your tea or coffee, try a small amount of Agave Nectar which is an all-natural sweetener and plant-based. Or raw honey which is all-natural and unprocessed and comes from bees that collect the nectar of plants.