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Do Your Periods Just Stop?

With a natural menopause, it’s very, very unlikely and over a period of months, you might find that you skip one or two. Or the length between them gets shorter/longer. Or you start ‘spotting’ but not a proper period like you’re used to. Or the blood could be quite watery. Or you get period cramps and but no period. Or you start bleeding very heavily, for a longer period than is normal for you and even maybe get some clotting. If this happens it’s always advisable to go and see your Doctor for a check-up.

Bear in mind though, that some women who haven’t had a period for 12 months have thought they were ‘safe’ and become older mums! So it’s advisable to use contraception until you’ve not had a period for at least 18 months (just to be on the safe side).

For a full hysterectomy (uterus/womb and ovaries out) then you don’t have menstrual periods and you can’t get pregnant.