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Itching During Peri and Menopause

So why do we suddenly start to itch in all different places, sometime all over and sometimes in places we can’t see!!

It’s because our Estrogen helps with the making of Collagen which is the most abundant protein in our body and helps with our tissues, ligaments, tendons, muscles, strengthening our bones and also providing our skin with structure. So when our Estrogen levels start to drop during Perimenopause, so does not only the elasticity of our skin, but also the production of oils which keeps our skin moisturised and supple, so that means our skin can thin, become dryer and then start to itch.

What can you do to help?

  • Drink lots of water (we’re made up of 70% of it, so ideally drink about 2 litres a day).
  • Avoid drying conditions like hot water showers, baths, and strong sunlight.
  • Have cooler baths and showers and pat dry your skin rather than rub, as this will aggravate the itching.
  • Try and not start to itch as this sets off a chemical reaction (a bit like scratching a mosquito bite) and once you start, it’s difficult to stop!
  • Use un-perfumed or scent-free moisturisers. Coconut Oil is a really good one to use, especially at night (so it soaks in) as it also has antimicrobial properties in it that can soothe, help reduce inflammation, treat acne, heal wounds and can also protect your skin from harmful bacteria – oh, and it’s also really, really cheap and 100% Natural!
  • Alcohol and nicotine can also make itching worse (they can for hot flushes too!).
  • Try not to wear tight fitting or itchy clothes. Loose, soft fabrics that won’t aggravate your skin when they move against it are much better.
  • Sometimes antihistamines can help, especially at the beginning, giving you time to try the suggestions above.

Low Estrogen levels can also create vaginal dryness, irritation and itching, to the point of being painful. If you’ve been to the Doctor and it’s all part of your ‘menopausal journey’, don’t worry, we have a fantastic Vaginal Lube (developed by a female Medical Herbalist) that’s Organic and Vegan friendly in our ‘Offers’ section on this website, with a Discount Code for you to use if you want to give it a try.

NB: It’s strongly advised that you see your Doctor if your itching goes on for more than 3 days. Maybe keep a diary to see if some times are worse than others, or if certain things ‘trigger’ your itching and also what parts of your body are affected. They may run some tests to make sure it’s down to the Menopause causing your itching, or come up with another solution for you, especially if the ‘suggestions’ above haven’t worked as well as you’d hoped.

It’s good to know that you hopefully don’t have to put up with it for long and you’ve got more options than you thought you had.