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Can Lifestyle Changes Make a Difference to Your Menopause?

Actually, making lifestyle changes can have a HUGE impact on the severity of your symptoms!

Your metabolism starts to slow down in your late 30’s/early 40’s and that’s why you can’t put an ‘age’ on menopause and this has an impact on how quickly or slowly you burn off the food you eat. Your fluctuating hormones will have an effect too, but exercising can really help with keeping the slow weight gain that might start to happen in check.

You might have to exercise more often than you used to, but it will help with burning off those calories and keeping your bones and heart strong and that’s a good thing as we age. Look at power walking, dancing… anything that gets your heart rate up a bit and has some impact to it.

Healthy eating makes a HUGE difference. Your skin will look better, you’ll feel better and you should begin to lose weight too!

See if spicy foods or sugar are affecting your moods or hot flushes – keep a diary!

Try and cut out sugar (your body doesn’t like it), so if you like something sweet in your drink or on your breakfast, then try Stevia (plant based) or something like Agave Nectar.

If you like Chocolate, then try substituting Milk Chocolate with Dark Chocolate (75% Cocoa +) and only suck on a couple of cubes. That should help with sugar cravings and is a lot better for you.

Another thing you might want to try is cutting down, or out, dairy products because they contain hormones. Did you know that we’re the only species that drinks another species milk? (That gave me something to think about!).

Try eating less processed foods and red meat as they’re not overly good for us, but white meat is better. Farm reared or Organic (which is better) Chicken and Turkey are good, as well as line caught fish! Not farmed fish as these are fed hormones so they grow faster and again, that’s not good for us!

Drink more water… According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, “the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs about 83%, the skin 64%, muscle and kidneys are 79% and even our bones are 31% “- WOW!!

Portion Sizes – we eat with our eyes first! So if you put your meal on a smaller plate, you’ll start to eat less and your stomach will feel fuller, sooner. Also drink a glass of water before you eat, because the body gives off the same signals for thirst as it does for hunger!

Try to slowly cut down on wheat, sugar, alcohol, salt, and too many carbs as this will help with reducing weight gain.

If you’re struggling with some symptoms, try good quality natural remedies or supplements and see if they help (that’s how I dealt with my mine) and how ‘The A-Z of Menopause Symptoms – The Secret Solutions’ (available on Kindle) was born – which might help you.

Enjoy life as best you can as laughter is the best medicine and releases endorphins and they make you feel good.  So if you don’t know someone you can meet up and have a giggle with, then find something on YouTube and have your own giggles!