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Best Foods To Have During Menopause

Hi Ladies,

Today is a chat with you about something the majority of us suffer with as we get older, starting the menopause journey, in the menopause journey and onward and that’s the dreaded weight gain!

“But I’m not doing anything different, so what on earth is happening?”

Well, it’s down to a few things…

From our late 30’s onwards our metabolism starts to slow down, so we don’t burn off the food/calories we eat as easily and quickly as we used to. It starts with hormonal changes, BUT… it’s also related to ageing, our lifestyle and genetic factors.

  • We sit more than we used to when we were younger!
  • We eat the same that we used to when we were younger!
  • Our body can’t process food the way it used to when we were younger!

So… a lot of this is in our hands and some lifestyle changes will make all the difference, like…

  • Cut out beige foods (your body builds up an intolerance to wheat as we get older and stores it – guess where!!).
  • Introduce more colour on your plate at every meal – the brighter the colours the better (look at Mediterranean style eating and you’ll know exactly what I mean).
  • Fresh Fruit and Vegetables * Oily Fish   * Nuts   * Wholegrains   * White Meat not Red   * Reduce Sugar and Processed Foods   * Eat the Foods of the Season   * Cut down on Carbs like potatoes (have sweet potatoes instead), white rice (Basmati rice is better) and especially sugar (try Stevia or Agave Nectar).
  • Smaller Portions on Smaller Plates because you don’t actually need such a big meal AND it takes 20 minutes for our first mouthful to start getting digested!
  • We don’t need as many calories when we get older as we did when we were younger and our body has to store the excess somewhere… and it especially doesn’t need them at night!

How to make it easy…  Eat like a King for Breakfast, a Queen for Lunch and a Pauper for Tea/Dinner and no snacking after that… If you’re hungry, drink some water (you’ll sleep better too).

Drink more Water because we’re made up of 70% of it so our body really needs it and it also helps with some symptoms! PLUS… The body gives off same signals for thirst as hunger, so try drinking a glass of water before eating and this will also help you cut down your portion sizes.

Start an Exercise Regime

Be realistic, accept you’ll never be a size you were when you were much younger, stop beating yourself up about it and be happy with the size you can maintain… AND the woman voted the sexiest in the UK is Nigella Lawson (absolutely rocking her curves and size and boy looking sexy with it too!).

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