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This all came about because my journey was a lonely one with very, very little help. I learned as I fumbled along. I found what worked and what didn’t and then, over a few years, I took matters into my own hands… I changed just about every area of my life (these Modules are accessible in the Club) and that had an incredible knock on effect!

Then I helped friends, was told I should share what I’d done and what I’d found out. So, I tentatively started on Social Media and this has brought me here… welcome to my new Menopause Help Website and Membership Club!

I want to bring you what I never had… Knowledge, Answers, Hope, but above all access to Experts that I never had (wouldn’t have known where to look if I’m honest), who will help make this life journey you’re on, easier and quicker than if you were doing it on your own.

So, let me do the hard work for you. Let me find the worldwide experts in every area I can think of to help you. Let me persuade them to give you fantastic discounts. Let me try and help you in any way we can. I’m listening and it’s been that listening to the ladies in my Group, that’s brought you the Menopause Help Members Club and to my knowledge – the first of its kind in the World!

It’s never too late or the wrong time to Dream, to Change, to Become, to Try, to make a Difference and that’s what we’re here to help you do in this Unique Club x

Menopause Matters – Practical, light-hearted and useful book for both men and women to try and help them through this time.

A-Z Menopause Symptoms – The Secret Solutions – A comprehensive A-Z guide of natural remedies and solutions. In electronic (PDF) format.

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