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Discover How to Master the Menopause (NEW Club)

Before, During and After

The Membership Club is THE place to go to change not only your menopausal journey, but even your life!

A strong statement, but with the Team of World Class Experts within the Club, who are at the top of their game at what they do, then yes, they could change everything for you and they’re waiting to help you.

Only join the Club if you’re serious about changing your menopausal journey, whether it’s before, during or after and getting your life back. You don’t need to and shouldn’t suffer and that’s why the Club was formed.

Please watch the video below. This is where I’ll be talking about the Membership Club that I’ve set up, why and how it could be so important to you and just the help you need to Survive, Thrive and Feel Alive.

Shelley from Menopause Help

At The Moment Do You Feel...

  • Your symptoms are controlling you?
  • Old, but you don’t know what to do?
  • Totally un-noticed, disappearing into society?
  • Less confident? That you’re losing you?
  • Threatened by younger looking women?
  • That you’ve got so much more to give?
  • You want to have a magic wand and change?

Do You Want To Know How To...

  • Tackle many of your symptoms, naturally?
  • Look better and more attractive?
  • Have more confidence?
  • Get wonderful, supportive friends?
  • Discover and do new things, just for you?
  • Go down a dress size or two? Feel healthier?
  • Feel less alone?

Then come and join the Menopause Help Club which is

Private   *   Supportive  – where you won’t be judged   *    And above all – FUN

A place where you’ll have the tools you need, to help you become the woman you really want to be, deserve to be and can be.

JOIN NOW – Only £4.99/month to get access to all the Experts, Articles, Modules and much more to help you…


How the Menopause Help Club will help you

  • Real help, support and advice from the experts in all different fields
  • Access to my A-Z of Menopause Symptoms, the Secret Solutions
  • Access to my step-by-step, ‘how to’ guides that honestly changed my life!
  • Private Facebook Group where I do my lives with you
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Challenges for those who want to speed things along, or who just like a challenge!
  • Relevant information that will help you about the menopause
  • Sharing with other like-minded, positive women who’ll just want to help each other
  • Helping you survive and thrive through this time and beyond

What our members are saying

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PeriMenopause / PreMenopause

Puberty prepared your body to make eggs each month (because that’s the function of a woman’s body), perimenopause prepares your ovaries to decrease their production of eggs and stop your periods. It’s like ...

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What’s Menopause?

You’re normally through the perimenopause to the menopause stage at around the age of 51 where your ovaries will have stopped producing eggs and you’ll produce less estrogen. This means that your periods will ...

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What’s Postmenopause?

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Information about HRT

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About Hysterectomy

There are 2 types... Partial Hysterectomy. The removal of your uterus (womb) but not your ovaries. It won’t cause you to go into immediate menopause, you’ll no longer have any periods and can’t become pregnant. ...

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JOIN NOW – Only £4.99/month to get access to all the Experts, Articles, Modules and much more to help you…